Jenice Bay

Im going to Jenice Bay on Sunday.

Jenice Bay is about an hour away on a speed boat .

Me, my sister, my mom , Morgan, Rowan, Rebecca, Auntie Cailyn , are all going to Jenice Bay.

My mom will be nannying Morgan and Rowan (me and Mya too) while Rebcca  and Auntie Cailyn are prawning .

I think it will be an adventure! But I will really miss my granny and Jordan (we’re  BFF’s) .

Yes , me and Mya will be home schooled  in Jenice Bay until the end of the school year . We will be coming back by the end of June.

I cant wait to go ! It will be like a vacation for two months there will be lots of swimming ,boat riding , hikes, and picnics.

We will be staying in a cabin I think.

And there are lots of grizzly bears also cougars ”scary”

Well wish me lots of luck hopefully we wont get eaten by a bear .



My Incredible Journey

“Bria, Bria,” says Granny.
“What?” I reply.
“Can you please go and get the glue from the attic sweetie, ” she says.

” Ummmm  I guess so, ” I say.

On my way to the attic I feel a cold breeze down my spine.  Creeeek,  goes a step of the stair.   I zoom up the stairs so fast then  open the door . ” It’s not so bad,” I say to myself .

But then I hear a cry.   I get scared.   It goes again and again.

“I’m going to be brave,” I say.

I walk a little closer and I see a very bright  light.  I walk a little closer.   I think it’s a fairy because its wearing a little pink sparkley dress and golden shoes.  She has blonde hair with pink highlights, and wings the color of gold.

“Hello, are you ok ?” I said.

Things are silent for a moment…

“Hi,” says the little fairy.   “My name is Pinkie and I have got no powers because Princess Dianna  took them and won’t give them back,” she says  in a very sad voice.

“Well is there any way I can help you?” says Bria.

The little fairy was thinking hard, “Yes” she says. “You can come to Fairy Land with me to talk to Princess Dianna !”

 Part two

“Wow !” I say with amazement as we get to fairy land.

” Do you like it here? “the fairy said.

” Of course,” I say.

“Come on we must get my magic back,” Pinkie says.


As we were walking  I see so many cool things like flying dogs,flying hotdog stands,flying everything .

As we get to the castle the guard doesn’t want to let us in so I say,” I’m her secret  agent’.”

Then he lets us in.

“Cool trick, ” Pinkie whispers.

As we enter the Castle  we here are footsteps I could tell Pinkie was scared but I’ll make her feel better! ”It will be OK,” I say.

“What do you want?” says  princess Dianna rudely .

“Well I want you to give Pinkie her powers back,” I say.

” If you want me to give her back her powers than you must stay here and be my fairy slave,” says princess Dianna.

“You don’t have to,” says Pinkie.

“Ya  I do I will be a fairy slave for my friend.”


Part Three

Kapoosh!!!!!!!!  I have wings  but I’m sad I miss granny .

“You are beautiful,”says Pinkie” Thanks,”  I say in a sad voice  .

” Im so  happy,” says Pinkie”I finely have my magic back!” .

“What about me am I ever going to get home?”.

Oh yes princess Dianna forgot I  can use my magic to get you back home,” whispers Pinkie .

“You must say goodbye  now” Pinkie says sadly.

”You can always come and visit”

I say bbhhhhhyyyyyyyy as I whirl round and round and I fall. I realize I’m in the hallway at Gran’s with the glue in my hand .

I run to Gran and give her a big hug” I love you Gran,” I say .

As I go to sleep I wonder if pinkie will ever visit . I had the most awesome adventure ever !!!!!!!!

Are you friends or not try this test

  1. She/he  is nice to you
  2. She/he  never blames things on you
  3. She/he would never leave you behind
  4. If you were sad she/he would make you happy


If your friend does only one thing  then you are friends but you will find better friends

If your friend  does only two of the things its good to have around

If your friend does 3  your friends for sure

If  your friend does all you’re best  friends

My Dad


My dad is awesome I wish I got to see him more. I’m going to visit him in the summer . I miss my brothers Johnny , Cole , and Rider and my dad’s girlfriend named Kyla . I wonder if my dad will see my blog I hope he does .My dad is great we go to the big park when my brothers go to daycare and we go on walks to places  it is so fun and I really love my dad . My dad is a great cook my favourite food that he cooks is pea soup, barbuque steaks  , and lots more  my dad is also funny its good to have him around I love it when my dad smiles it fills my heart with joy I really hope I get to see him sooner than summer !! I LOVE YOU DAD.

My mom

My mom she is the best.

It seems like she never gets to rest.

My mom she does everything for us .

Even though I make her go crazy i’ll still be her baby

I love u mommy!!!!!!


What did  Earth  say  to Saturn   ………  give me a ring some time.

 How did the  tree  get on the internet ………………..   He logged in.

There are some jokes hope you liked them!

This weekend

This weekend I had 2 sleepovers 1 with Jorja, 1 with Merissa, and 1 playdate with Mia . I also had a party on Sunday Jodie , Mia , Koa , Jordan ,Jorja , Morgan , Rowen, Rebecca, me,  Mya and my mom.  We had a sauna.  It was Awesome and I also went for tea at Lyn’s.  It was fun. I had a fun weekend . What did you do on the weekend?????????

Happy New Year

Happy new year friends sorry I havent been on for a long time. Anyways my goal for this year is to get better grades I got Bs but thats pretty good . Whats your goal for the new year let me know . I’ll be back soon

The Christmas concert

Today at  12:00 we had a Christmas  concert   and I did a poem and a song with my morning class and my afternoon class did  a play and a song . And before that  we  had a potluck we had turky and stuffing and lots more it was awesome!


C is for candy canes.
H is for holly.
R is for recipes for cookies for Santa.
I is for icicles hanging off the roof.
S is for Santa.
T is for tobogganing. It is like sledding.
M is for mistletoe.
A is for angels on top of the tree.
S is for snow